Streamline your process

Streamlining of processes and procedures is vital in delivering future-proof care. With MedicalPortal 2.0, you standardise health data, manage your capacity and capture end-to-end processes. In addition, for each patient, receive overviews of all tests, interventions and remote measurements in their timeline. 

Keep your business operations transparent and manageable.

inzichtelijk voor zorgverleners2x

Support for caregivers

  • Automatic administration leading to faster invoicing
  • Automatic correspondence module for less typing and manual input 
  • Create custom care pathways with flexible layouts
  • Fewer errors in your process with automatic registration checks
  • Win time with the right form for each patient
inzichtelijk voor managers2x

Insightful for managers

  • A clear timeline of ongoing care processes
  • Simple administrative and financial checks
  • Dashboard for policy and process control in the clinic
aanpasbaar voor gebruikers2x

Customisable for users

  • Setup a preferred view for your calendars
  • Adaptive for tablet and desktop
  • All essentials on one screen
  • A user experience actively reducing endless scrolling and clicking
  • Better for your eyes with a dark mode option
digitale uitwisseling2x

Data exchange

  • An EHR system with interoperability at its core 
  • Smooth data exchange inside and outside the clinic
  • Medical data recorded following standards
gericht op patient engagement2x

Engage with your patients

  • Integrated PREM and PROM questionnaires
  • Patients can contribute to their health records and get insights 
  • Integration of telemonitoring features and telecare with easy to connect devices
ondersteuning van telezorg2x v2

Integrate telecare and telemonitoring

  • Organise digital consultation from within your schedule
  • Receive patient's remote measurements directly in the patient's file 
  • Allow telecare invoicing through the finance module

Migrate to MedicalPortal 2.0: we get it right for you

We understand your fear of migration, rest assured, no need with us. Together we ensure that the transition runs smoothly and safely. Our experts pave the way to ensure that business continuity is guaranteed continuously.

Step 1


  • Orientation phase and impact analysis
  • Gap analysis, budget and planning
  • Project planning with attention for deliverables, adjustments in EHR system architecture, training programs

Step 2

Implementation and testing

  • Building tailor-made configuration in MedicalPortal 2.0
  • Clean up existing databases where necessary
  • Linking and testing of digital services

Step 3


  • Transition of data to the shadow system
  • Acceptance and integrity check
  • Initial commissioning of MedicalPortal 2.0 and switching off old EHR

Step 4


  • Monitoring and support for all users
  • Partnership to continue building a full-fledged digital care solution

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