Making your life easier

Automatically checks and assists the admin process.

Understanding care processes

Assists management with healthcare timelines and a clear dashboard for policy and process management.

Patient participation

Involves patients in the healthcare process by giving them access to their own medical records and data.

Interoperability with VIPP 5

Optimal integration thanks to links with other equipment and standardised medical data collection.


MedicalPortal 2.0 is customisable. The essentials are always listed clearly and recognisably on the same screen.

Remote care

Easily set up digital consultations and remote monitoring to provide high-quality care now and in the future.


The MedicalPortal Agenda is the beating heart the system, supporting unambiguous, streamlined processes through daily, weekly or monthly views of your logistics process. By making integrated use of multiple resources, locations and calendars, the Agenda synthesises a transparent list of appointments, as well as highlighting unique opportunities to maximise effectiveness.

Manage appointments

When managing appointment calendars, the main challenge is always to seamlessly match capacity with demand. We have developed a tried and tested, efficient process for doing just that, relying on our own experience in the field. This way our technology makes your employees’ lives easier and gives them the support they need. Medical Portal gives users all the insight they need in the availability of staff and resources in order to schedule appointments within the system flexibly and efficiently. Our built-in Agenda templates will also help you manage your calendar efficiently and effectively, without losing sight of a single appointment or patient.

Mandatory entries

Configuring mandatory entries such as ICD-10, surgical procedures and diagnostic information for multiple use can be a major time saver. Medical Portal’s integrated care pathways feature a template for mandatory entries to make your life easier. This is but one of the ways in which technology can reduce the administrative burden on doctors whilst improving the predictability of your financial processes.

In practice, it has been established that Medical Portal’s unique logging methods can reduce inavailability by a factor of 15, which of course, will improve your cashflow and reduce the administrative burden on employees.

Clear medical records

Medical Portal clearly describes all steps of the care process in medical records, and uses OpenEHR and specialty-specific forms to contribute to greater transparency. Moreover, Medical Portal’s EHRs can be read and edited at the same time.

Another distinguishing feature of Medical Portal is that it reuses data within the EHR thanks to digital questionnaires, data inheritance and the unique coded classification system used for medical data. Data is reused for specialists’ letters, for instance, which are automatically imported into the patient portal. Furthermore, the coded classification system enables the creation of unique management reports in our business intelligence environment.

Patient portal

Nowadays, physicians want to work with their patients as much as possible, and Medical Portal’s patient portal is here to help. You can configure the system to ensure that patients can always access an up-to-date copy of their medical record and even allow patients to book their appointments by selecting free time slots in their physician’s calendar. Medical Portal is also equipped with a vast array of tools such as preparatory questionnaires, a chat feature and task-handling modules. All these features will put you in the best possible position for the future, with patients playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare process.

This EHR is quick and user-friendly. All relevant information is available at a glance, and it provides intuitive support.

The specialist


The MedicalPortal 2.0 EHR, coupled with our so-called DVZA (Health Services Provider) qualification, will enable you to meet the module deadlines of the VIPP 5 grant targets on time. Because our system is compatible with the OpenEHR platform, you can also register your data in accordance with the Basic Data Set for Healthcare.

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