All care-related information (questionnaires, measurement data) is continuously collected digitally. Our validated algorithms automatically filter out the essentials and vital measurements, so that you only see relevant information on your Dashboard and in the EHR.

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Successful eHealth requires good interaction between patients and healthcare professionals, which is why we have integrated useful features such as video calling and personalised health education. We monitor how well our application promotes good interaction with continuous satisfaction surveys and user studies.

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Integrated into the care process

When switching to a new eHealth package, you want it to mesh seamlessly with your current systems, such as EHRs, portals and source systems. That’s not a problem, because our platform is based on recognised, open standards to ensure seamless integration and optimal care.

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Our eHealth application always gets you the right information at the right time.
How were we able to make this happen? By linking our in-depth medical knowledge with our practical expertise in healthcare processes.

The outcome is a multi-domain, integrated, modular e-health system that can be expanded and upgraded for various care pathways and conditions. Besides, our system always serves up information in bite-sized chunks: we don’t overload patients or healthcare providers, and that helps.

Our eHealth application covers monitoring and communication and is fully integrated into the care process.

Involving our patients in the entire healthcare processes, both in clinics and at home, is critical to us.


Remote Care Implementation Service by Heart for Health

On your behalf, we will provide your patients with connected medical devices (e.g. iHealth, Kardia, OMRON) and around-the-clock support, as well as taking care of all monitoring. You will only be alerted if the care protocol requires it. If you are also looking to boost the efficiency of your remote care efforts for e.g. HF, AF, COPD or DM, please request more information about this new service now.



For us, monitoring means keeping a digital finger on the pulse, either by conducting surveys or measuring vitals (with connected devices). We do everything we can to make the shared-decision-making process as smart as possible, with everything from digital history-taking tools to PROMs/PREMs (including ICHOM sets) and/or the collection of key vitals over time. Our application filters and feeds back data to healthcare providers in an intuitive dashboard and EHR, as our validated algorithms automatically convert the collected data into information relevant to the healthcare provider and patient.

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Successful eHealth hinges on patient interaction. But how do you measure interaction? Our application uses on-going satisfaction surveys and tracks user adoption to chart patient interaction and has several features to support healthcare professionals, from video calling and chat features to automated and/or personalised information about treatments, conditions and lifestyle.


Integrated into the care process

The underlying platform is based on standards such as OpenEHR, FHIR, HL7 and so on, which guarantees optimal data storage and exchange with EHRs, portals and other source systems. For healthcare providers, this means that Heart for Health can be seamlessly integrated into the care process for greater ease of use and efficiency. For patients, it means receiving optimal care.

Heart for Health is connected to various source systems, including major vendors such as EPIC, ChipSoft, Medicom etc.

As a so-called Dienstverlener-Zorgaanbieder (Healthcare Service Provider), Heart for Health is compliant with the MedMij Appointment System. With MedMij integration on the one hand and OpenEHR standardisation on the other, our platform is transparent and interoperable.

Safe and secure

Heart for Health guarantees privacy and data security, in accordance with our NEN 7510 / ISO 27001 certification.

Involving our patients in the entire healthcare processes, both in clinics and at home, is critical to us, and it hinges entirely on the smart conversion of data into relevant information.


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