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Smart EHR helps combat lack of space and time

1 July 2020

In a previous article, we discussed how Heart for Health’s Telezorg remote care solution can help solve the problem of delayed care due to COVID-19.

“Remote Care is a lifebuoy that can help somewhat mitigate the consequences of healthcare delays,“
Aernout Somsen, medical director of Cardiologie Centra Nederland.

However, a sound IT system can also help solve staffing and space shortages. Our smart MedicalPortal EHR will help you analyse and manage the skyrocketing demand for healthcare.

First and foremost, this requires mapping out the actual demand for healthcare. Which patients have had their treatment delayed, and how urgent is their need for treatment now, chronic or acute? This care information must be recorded, retrieved, shared, exchanged and transferred, without loss of quality. To this end, Heart for Health uses so-called uniform Care Information Building Blocks (CIBBs). We use these CIBBS to automatically process medical data from the referral in Zorgdomein, which is then shown in your Dashboard as an up-to-date, transparent overview of the demand for healthcare in your population and its urgency.

Secondly, it is important to take stock of your healthcare capacity. It is essential that you evaluate your current situation, as suddenly restarting regular and chronic care in your clinic will immediately lay bare any shortages, whether specialist expertise or support staff, in resources, materials or simply in space. MedicalPortal will help you evaluate and manage all the above. Ultimately, you will have to draw up a transparent, realistic capacity plan, which you can use to create work lists and a schedule in order to make optimal use of your organisation’s capacity.

After properly evaluating your healthcare demand and capacity, everything will be in place for a comprehensive analysis of patients, your clinic and the care to be provided. The total demand for and urgency and intensity of care, your capacity and logistics will all be synthesised into a feasible work plan, which, in turn, is linked to an individual treatment plan for each patient.

Naturally, the system will continue to support you in the execution phase by optimally connecting patients and healthcare providers, e.g. by efficiently providing delayed care to existing patients through hybrid forms of digital and physical care, or by automatically processing new patient referrals from Zorgdomein into the EHR. In doing so, we reverse the traditional approach, processing data automatically before a one-off verification and approval step to help you save a lot of time. This is just one of the ways in which Heart for Health’s systems can help you combat shortages of time and space in these trying times! 

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