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Our experience is unique. We clued-up and speak your language. We know all about the increasing pressure being put on healthcare, efficiency requirements, process improvements and so on, because healthcare is in our DNA. However, we also know how smart software can relieve that pressure. Our goal is to help you take the next step.

Future-proof and experience-based

Heart for Health has been building EHRs since 2007. CCN was our launching customer, but we have since worked with many different independent treatment centres and focus clinics.

In 2020 we launched MedicalPortal 2.0, condensing all our experience and knowledge into a powerful EHR that can be fully customised to the needs of every clinic. With MedicalPortal 2.0, you can rely on a future-proof EHR that will help your people cope with the increasing pressure on healthcare.

Our development team

We are happy to count 25+ talented software developers in our team. They are the backbone of our organisation with attributes such as professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm. The team support everyday innovative projects and ideas. 

Since November 2011, our developers provide excellent work out of Skopje, North Macedonia.  

Together we believe that the medical revolution begins with giving the power of IT to patients and doctors, enabling the next generation of care. 

Our Team

We are young, enthusiastic and driven to put our knowledge and skills into practice in a sector that is dear to us. We all come from different backgrounds and challenge each other to develop products and services to make sure you can keep providing excellent, affordable care. Our founders have a background in healthcare, which means we have a thorough understanding of how healthcare processes work, but we also have a natural curiosity for innovative tech, non-nonsense processes and intuitive usability.

Igor Tulevski

CEO and founder

As a cardiologist, I know how good IT can contribute to excellent care. By healthcare, for healthcare.

Borut Stavrov


Powered by technological innovation, we can continue to push the boundaries in offering receiving the right care.

Julia Makhmoudova


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