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Eyes on the future with MedicalPortal 2.0.
Manager, healthcare provider, patient: we provide you with insights at all levels so you can focus on what you do best.


Our integrated overview provides you, your team and the patient with insight into relevant information and actions within the care process.


The design of the Heart for Health Suite was developed in consultation with doctors and patients. Where desired, we also offer unique support for each care program.


Our system intelligently processes raw data into informative overviews, tailored to the personal wishes and circumstances of you or your patient.


Seamless data exchange is a requirement nowadays, also in healthcare. For the necessary interoperability, we have therefore based our Suite on the OpenEHR system. Of course we support the most commonly used standards for data exchange in healthcare, such as HL7, FHIR and Edifact.


The starting point for your teams and your patients is your care process. That is why this is also the guiding principle for the tailor-made furnishing of the Suite that you purchase. That gives recognisability. Subsequently, the software can be further adapted by your organization, parallel to the developments in your care process.

I found the EHR system that works for my clinic. It offers precisely the overview we needed to organise great care for our patients efficiently.

- Healthcare manager

Some of MedicalPortal 2.0 features:

  • Daily staff worksheet
  • Daily consult overview
  • Easy to create consultation letters 
  • Patient's file including telemonitoring data
  • Clear financial and administrative flows 
  • Waiting room functionality 
  • And more…

Want to know more?

With MedicalPortal 2.0, I spend less time on data entry and gain more face to face time with my patients.

- Medical specialist


Clinics and medical centres working with MedicalPortal 2.0

I can easily track all the essential data and production figures to measure our performance accurately.

- Financial controller

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